Hello, it’s Yusi.

Art has always been my interest thanks to the influence of my family. My grandparents have written many poems for me since I was born. I was inspired by these poems and over the years I have been actively pursuing ways of expressing feelings with words. I was also exceptionally impressed by my very first movie Titanic and I realized that, besides novels, poems and essays, there is a way to tell stories and directly express feelings through audio and visual means. Maybe the shipwreck scene was so stunning, I become obsessed with films from then on.

My undergraduate major is Radio and Television Playwright and Directing. After doing a lot of production jobs, I found I structured a film or television program relying more on sensibility than on rationality. That’s why I select this class. It will be so cool if you empathize or understand in thousands of ways based on your own experience when I give nothing but a picture.

As for films, there are three types I would like to share with you.

Woman’s film.

Actually before I realized this is a special genre, I just think I love biopic. Compared with biopic, woman’s film is more like a self-exploration to me, rather than looking at others. Narrating from woman’s point of view, caring woman’s career, paying attention to woman’s affection, it helps me reach inwards — there is nothing you must or mustn’t have/do if you are a woman. Although it seems a narrow view to deconstruct some films only in this way, woman’s senses are still one of the most ineffable things in the domain of art.

Gone with the Wind – Victor Fleming (1939)


Thelma and Louise – Ridley Scott (1991)
Mulholland Dr. – David Lynch (2001)
The Queen – Stephen Frears (2006)

Martial arts film.

Considered as a synonym of Chinese film for many years, martial arts film does act as an effective way to spread Chinese traditional culture. Kung fu in this genre is not only used as entertainment and visual function. With this primary appeal, martial arts film shows a common set of shared value. It allows me to really think about the spirits of a community, a nation, and the world. In the Chinese speaking areas, the Martial arts film has the same word “Xia” with the translated name of Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Ashes of Time – Karwai Wong(1994)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Ang Lee (2000)

Costume drama.

This type of film, strictly, may not be a specific film genre. It often leads to the historical period drama and can be used in the context of television as well. However, the lavish and delicate costumes always draw my attention to these films. What’s more, the powerlessness showed when historical figures resist against the time also impresses me a lot. History is repeating. Maybe we are all tiny ants in front of time, but we have to “see the world as it is, and to love it”.

Farewell My Concubine – Kaige Chen (1993)
In the Mood for Love – Karwai Wong (2000)
Marie Antoinette – Sofia Coppola (2006)

The expectation for me after this class:

As a fairly sensitive person, I believe I can get most of the affections or deeper meanings expressed by the films. But the problem is how to empress it in a “film theory” way. Hope I can learn more about that as well as couples of methodologies. And, try to give this feeling as audience back into production.


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