Alternative Theory

Brotherhood of Blades is one of the coolest martial arts films in recent years. And that’s why I choose it as a case for my topic: Martial Arts Film as Attractions. So on the one hand, the medium is supposed to be cool and an attraction itself as well; on the other hand, it must show great logic and connections between the theories I refer and cite in my paper. Through the simple figures and the relative ubiety between them, Prezi satisfies both requirements and further inspires me to simplify and visualize my theory. What’s more important, Prezi has a quite similar function with the camera lens, for it can zoom in and out, and it acts as our eyes to enjoy the theory, as our hands to touch the theory, and as our feet to go near the theory. I believe it is perfectly suitable for our class “Film Theory Through the Senses.”

When I was preparing the Prezi, I found a wonderful thing that background will move together with the theory mapping. So I customized the background to create the effects that the end of the presentation, the whole picture will be upside down. I want to show my respect for the film in this way, because the entire story is related to the reversion of fate, and the thoughts about whether the insignificant have the ability to change it. By giving all the pictures to their right position, I want to offer my own answer to this question.

Here is the URL of my Prezi. Hope you will like it, and have a better understanding of Chinese martial arts film through my Prezi.






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